Musgrave, along with many other graduate employers, include online assessments as part of our graduate selection process.  We use these as part of our process as these tests are objective and can help predict certain skills that are required for our graduate roles. We receive large numbers of applications for a limited number of roles and we use online assessments to help us shortlist candidates for the next stage of the process.

Online assessments can be used to measure a person’s skills, abilities, attributes and personality characteristics via a test or questionnaire that is provided online. There are many types of tests and we ask our applicants to complete the following as part of the assessment process:

Verbal assessment: This measures the individual’s ability to draw logical conclusions from complex verbal information. You will be presented with a range of written information and will be required to locate the relevant information, and draw logical conclusions from this to answer the questions. The look and feel of the test reflects common office software such as Microsoft Word.

Numerical: In this assessment you will be presented with complex numerical information in tables and charts from which the test taker needs to draw logical conclusions. The look and feel of the test reflects modern office software.

ChatAssess: This is a Situational Judgement Questionnaire in the form of a chat-based app and is best experienced on mobile. This type of questionnaire is used to measure behaviours when given specific work situations. You will be presented with descriptions of real-life work situations and you will be asked: what would you do if faced with this situation? These scenarios reflect the everyday decisions that graduates in Musgrave may need to make, depending on the role. Your responses are then compared to the answers considered to be right actions ‘by subject matter experts’ on the role.

Our Top Tips

  • Ensure you are in a quiet space where you won’t be distracted when doing the assessments. Tell your family and friends not to disturb you.
  • There are websites where you can practice online tests. Formats of tests will vary but it can give you a sense of what to expect. Cut-e are our recruitment partners and they provide practice tests on
  • Make use of any practice time you get on the assessment itself and ensure you understand the instructions clearly before starting
  • Do an activity which calms you and makes you happy before starting the assessments to help calm any nerves and clear your focus.