Our application process

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Online application

Complete the online application form available in the Apply now section of this site.

This form is only available during the application window indicated. You will be asked to provide information on your educational and professional background so make sure you have your information and an updated CV prepared before you start.

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Online assessments

You will be invited to complete online verbal and numerical assessments as well as a personality questionnaire which is not used for screening purposes.

Take note of the deadline to complete these assessments and ensure you complete these by the indicated date.

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Video interview

We understand a video interview can be new and unnerving for some, but view it as you would a normal interview, the only difference is you can do it from the comfort of your home. Be aware that you only have one opportunity to complete it – just as you would an interview in person – so make sure you are prepared and that your microphone and camera are working.

This is an application which will launch an automated video where you will have a limited time-frame to respond to questions which will appear on-screen.

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Assessment centre

You’re almost there! The assessment centre is the final stage in the process. This is our opportunity to get to know you a bit better and for you to meet some of our senior managers in the business.

The assessment centres take place over half a day and are role specific, so, for example, we’ll invite all finance applicants together. You will participate in a group activity, interview, and presentation.

How to stand out

1. Research

We’ll expect you know about our business and our brands. If you don’t, then you need to do your research. There is plenty of information online and on your local high street.

Learn about us

The first place to start is our website musgravegroup.com where you’ll find plenty of information about what we do.

Check us out

Do your own investigative work. Try researching us online, outside of our website, and see how we’re doing nationally and internationally.

Experience our brands

You’ve probably been into our stores many times, but try visiting and looking at them with a retail focus, noticing things like customer service and in-store marketing.

2. Connect

Today you can view brands and connect with people and businesses you want to work with before you even apply for a position thanks to the internet, so make the most of it.

Get social

Follow us via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to get news updates and see what our current graduates are up to.

Connect with us

Connect with people who work at Musgrave on social networks and learn about their experiences.

Tailor your CV

Using the information you’ve found online, tailor your CV to the role you are applying for.

3. Prepare

The next thing to do is prepare yourself for the application process, making sure you have a CV that stands out and you have answers to questions well-rehearsed.

Get prepared

Try using the STAR method for preparing to talk about your experiences and answering questions.

Seek advice

Use your college career service, which can advise you on preparing and writing your CV and answering questions.

Think long term

We are recruiting for potential and want to understand where you see yourself in the business in the future, so start thinking about it now.

4. Focus

You’re in the application process for a reason. Don’t focus on the negatives or how you can compete with other grads. Just focus on your positives and why you’re here.

Know your strengths

At the assessment centre, focus on bringing the best version of you rather than competing with others. You’re there because we feel you have potential.

Know your reasons

Be prepared to talk about why you want to work with us. What will you bring? Why does Musgrave appeal to you?

Focus on the tests

Follow the instructions closely for the online tests and use the time wisely to practise. Make sure you’re not disturbed whilst taking them.

5. Impress

We’re not just looking for knowledge and degree certificates, we’re looking for real people, with positive attitudes and an understanding of the world of business.

Be yourself

Tell us about your interests outside of study and work. What transferable skills can you bring from them?

Dress appropriately

At the assessment centre you’ll be meeting senior managers in the business, so ensure you look smart.

Create an impression

First impressions count and this goes for the format of your CV, your personal presentation and the way you carry out activities too.

6. Communicate

The way we communicate gives a lot away about a person, so think about the whole process, how you present yourself and how you talk to us.

Ask for feedback

We will give feedback from all our assessment centres. Take us up on this offer.

No need to shout

Not a fan of group discussions? You don’t have to be the loudest or talk the most, just make contributions that are useful and right for you.

Ask us questions

The recruitment process works both ways and it’s your chance to find out if we are the right company for you.