As our second-year grads go off for a very well deserved rest, and our new cohort of grads get ready to join us for their next adventure, we’re reflecting on another fantastic year for the graduate programme and an energetic and inspiring Graduate Summit.

Our Graduate Summit is a real celebration of the programme, but it’s also a very serious and focussed event for our second-year grads transitioning off the programme. This is their opportunity to present their business projects to top directors, managers and executives within the business, including our CEO Chris Martin.

This year our directors were incredibly impressed by both teams who presented business projects on the topic of sustainability and in both cases their initiatives looked at tackling the problem of waste, recycling and plastics in our environment.

The event is also a chance for incoming grads to get a taste of what’s to come and meet key people within the business, and for the second-year grads to receive their certificates and be congratulated for reaching the end of the programme. For most graduates it’s not really the end, it’s just the beginning, as they start their new roles within the business.

Take a look at our Graduate Summit 2018 highlights video to get a sense of the event.