Saumyajit Dutta joined the Musgrave Graduate Programme after completing his Masters in Computer Science at UCC.

In this blog he explains what the IT programme is like and how, just a year into the role, he has already been able to work on major digital projects for Musgrave retail brands.

During my first year as an IT Graduate at Musgrave I’ve been based in Cork and I’ve undertaken a large number of projects. I started in research into IT loyalty assets, basically leveraging store data to improve sales.

I moved on to building applications for tablets and phones, and I was also part of a redesign of our online app for the Real Rewards programme. This was a great project to be involved with, and the programme has been nationally recognised as Retail Food Loyalty Programme of the Year.

More recently I’ve been working on automation projects. The work is all so varied and I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience in a range of areas since starting my programme.

On the Graduate Programme they are really happy to let you work on projects that interest you and that further your skills. I have managers and mentors that support me – they want me to succeed and they are helping me to do that.

I have felt from the very beginning that I have been able to work on high level projects and give my own inputs into projects. At Musgrave the managers encourage us to share our ideas, they listen to you and support you to put a plan together so that you can put your ideas into action. At every stage I’ve felt I’m part of a team, where my ideas are valued.