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Ready to develop your negotiating skills? Excited by the prospect of working in a fast-paced department with purchases worth millions of euros to be made every day? We’re looking for talented grads with a passion for business, deal-making, trading and budgets.

Our buying and trading teams are responsible for buying the right products for our customers at the right price. Trading involves analysing data and negotiating with suppliers to ensure that we drive sales and profit for our retail partners. With our guidance and support you’ll learn key skills and gain understanding of our pricing, supplier management, range, own brand, budgets, promotions and much more, engaging with clients and suppliers and negotiating the best possible price.

As a grad in our buying and trading team you’ll soon be able to analyse data, identify growth, and make a tangible difference to the sale of products at our leading retail and wholesale brands and the profitability of our business as a whole. We need highly motivated people, with the drive and confidence to make the role their own. You can apply for this role with any degree subject.



If numbers are your thing, then you won’t find a better place to put your skills to good use than in the finance department of Ireland’s largest private sector employer. With a turnover in excess of €3.9 billion, you’re sure to get the experience you’re looking for in Musgrave, along with the support and guidance to take your education and skills to the next level.

Our finance people are some of the very best in the country, and they deal with big budgets every day – but also big challenges to ensure our business keeps growing at a fast-pace whilst delivering sustainable profits for the long term. We’re not afraid to let you get hands on with big accounts and make real financial decisions that impact the business. Our Finance Programme has a track record of success with former Finance graduates progressing to senior roles such as Financial Controller, Head of Trading Strategy & Planning and Head of Business Change.

Our Finance teams drive business performance through analysis and commentary working closely with our retail partners.  Our Finance Programme consists of 3 x 12-month rotations across key finance teams in our retail and wholesale business.  These rotations may be based across Dublin, Cork or Belfast and you must be flexible to rotate location as part of the Programme. The role is exciting and varied as we rotate our grads around all areas of our finance department including treasury and tax, retail and credit control, trading finance and financial controls.

You will be in a real role from the very beginning and your work will impact our day to day business.  The Finance rotations are aligned to give you the range of technical, accounting and finance skills that management accountants need to do their jobs.  In addition, you will develop the business skills in order to understand and apply your technical skills in a business context; the relevant people skills to influence the decisions, actions and behaviours of business stakeholders through effective communication and leadership skills to lead your peers and teams to deliver business objectives.

To support your professional development, you will receive financial support and paid study leave in order for you to study for, and achieve, the CIMA Professional Qualification (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). The professional experience you will complete in the rotations is aligned with the CIMA Competency Framework counts towards the professional experience requirements criteria to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation holder.

Successful achievement of the CIMA Professional Qualification is a requirement of the Finance Programme. Depending on your undergraduate and/or postgraduate qualification, you may have exemptions for some stages on the CIMA pathway.  Applicants should be analytical and demonstrate a strong commercial and market focus. An accountancy degree is not a requirement but is an advantage.

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Supply chain

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t like standing still? Want a role where no two days are the same? We’re looking for grads with energy and drive, but also the confidence and organisation skills to run our sophisticated and countrywide operations. You'll be working in one of the busiest food supply chain functions in Ireland and the best people in the business.

A high performing Supply Chain is critical to our business and we’re focused on an effective ‘best in class’ world service; efficient ways of working; and excellent engagement with our stakeholders.

As a supply chain grad you’ll work with our stakeholders to ensure we have the right product in the right place at the right time so our retailers can drive sales. Our teams ensure we have a lean network so we can beat our supply chain budget, delivered through lean ways of working, optimal use of systems and leading-edge technology.

In your role you’ll ensure all stakeholders are fully engaged to deliver our agenda Growing Good Business, which includes delivering excellent service to our retailers and ensuring we have an efficient operation that benchmarks ahead of industry.

As a Supply Chain grad you’ll rotate during your two-year programme, working in three key supply chain teams:

Reorder: This department plays a key role in controlling the level of stock held in our chilled and ambient depots and manages the processes to replenish it. This role is all about creating partnerships with suppliers and commercial teams to maximise retailer availability and performance. While working in this team, you will develop the skills necessary to facilitate collaborative planning and forecasting with suppliers and commercial teams within a defined range of products in order to continually improve forecasting accuracy to meet commercial needs.  The role will enable you to develop leadership skills, team working and cross-functional skills.

Warehouse: Efficient warehouse operations are critical to our business and as a Supply Chain Graduate, you will be immersed in understanding and developing the key skills to a successful operation. This includes supporting line managers to deliver our key priorities in managing, leading and developing our operations teams; delivering excellent customer service with on-time deliveries, combi presentation and delivering on daily/weekly KPIs.  There will be a focus on developing your knowledge to utilise resources, which in turn will maximise efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.  You’ll also be tasked with implementing key improvement initiatives in operational productivity, capacity and environmental awareness.

Transport: Our transport teams across retail and wholesale manage one of the largest distribution networks across the island of Ireland.  As a Supply Chain grad, your rotation in the transport team will develop your knowledge of how we deliver best in class customer service and order fulfilment requirements with the most efficient route scheduling and backhaul systems.

You will support the transport management teams with the ongoing development and implementation of an effective, efficient and competitive delivery and collection system. You will learn how our transport scheduling works and develop a high level of knowledge and awareness of developments in transport planning and scheduling trends in Ireland – all the while ensuring that transport at Musgrave is at the forefront of these trends. Your development will also focus on building relationships with suppliers and store to effectively manage queries on deliveries and collections. Across all rotations in Supply Chain, you will learn to assess and ensure compliance with all Health & Safety obligations.

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Have you got big ideas for extraordinary brand campaigns, a passion for digital marketing or an eye for creative design? Do you want to work in a business that will take your ideas and make them a reality in some of Ireland’s best-known brands? If so, we’re ready to listen and excited to have you on board.

We’re looking for grads who can help us build the brands of tomorrow. Marketing is critical to the growth of our business and the reputation of our brands. And it’s not just our leading brands like SuperValu and Centra that we invest time in, we have growing brands like Frank and Honest Coffee, and we’re always looking to launch new brands that complement our current business – so you’ll have plenty to get your teeth into.

Our marketing grads won’t have time to stand still, you’ll get involved in shaping our overall strategy and plans to deliver marketing that attracts new shoppers and rewards our loyal ones, create award-winning PR campaigns, produce stand-out marketing material and deliver digital campaigns using our range of channels from social media and apps to websites and email. We’re looking for the next generation of big thinkers, creative minds and digital savvy grads to join Musgrave. You’ll need a degree in a marketing subject area to apply for this role.



Today technology and innovation drive our business, and we run some of the largest IT infrastructure projects in Ireland. With online shopping and mobile applications dominating the marketplace, technology and IT has never been more important to Musgrave. Do you want to work in a business that will gives you the opportunity to drive technology in some of Ireland’s best-known brands? If so, discover more about our IT graduate opportunity

There is now a multitude of ways to engage our customers, through Online, Mobile, in-store and other services.  In Musgrave we are continuously looking to enhance our online, applications and data architecture to ensure we can support a broad set of customer, retailer and supplier interactions as seamlessly and conveniently as possible, to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of the market in identifying food-trends to enhance our offer and subsequently drive sales.  It is an exciting and dynamic area and in recent years Musgrave retail has been at the forefront in Ireland with its online strategy for customer loyalty, online grocery shopping and retail customers.

The scope of the IT Graduate role comprises a two-year experiential development programme as part of the Information Technology team based in Cork. This will include working with the project delivery team on the management and delivery of key IT business projects.  You will also work with our digital platform teams in developing our Mobile and Web application architecture, working with designers, researching and analysing user experience, behaviours and needs and ensuring we are on track with the latest trends in technology delivery and integration.

We are looking for emerging talent with key interest in innovation and Mobile / Web applications as well as passion for customer user experience.

This is an excellent opportunity for innovative and motivated people with an interest in web and mobile applications, data hub architecture, project management to build the processes and who want to kick start their careers with Ireland’s largest private sector employer. We’re looking for graduates with an IT or technology degree.


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